Hay Day – Cheats: With flight mode Trick diamonds farms

With a small cheat you come very quickly in Hay Day to diamonds. The “flight mode Trick” is implemented quickly and easily – in our guide, we tell you how it works. By following her instructions, her floating on your Hay Day Farm in no time in diamonds.

Cheats Hay Day?

As with so many other games, also player of Hay Day increasingly looking for cheats. Be it only to carefree own farm expand as you would like, or annoying delays to bypass. But usually you spitting on the Internet At the query only download from containing malicious programs and also still are illegal. Either you jeopardized so your phone / tablet, or you risk that your account will be blocked. But a cheat we still for you, which is both safe, as also works flawlessly.

More diamonds in Hay Day?

We told you in our article ” Hay Day Diamonds free easily earn premium currency! ” Already explains what you need the gems and how you can watch acquire uncomplicated. But with the flight mode trick you make yourselves the hunt for diamonds more easily. Many of the ways to make diamonds, namely are randomly controlled. For example, if you open a treasure chest or digs in the mine, the rewards for doing so are always different. But with the following trick you can make sure that you actually cashed the gems.

Hay Day: Use hay day hack online tool to get free diamonds and gold.

The flight mode-trick for Hay Day

As the name suggests, you have to your device activate airplane mode for the trick. Applies the trick, if the opportunity for diamonds gives -. For example, if you can dig the mine or their treasure chests found on your Hay Day Farm ! LEADS THE ACTION BUT NOT FROM Instead you follow our step-by-step guide :

  • Changes in the settings and activate the flight mode
  • Return to Hay Day
  • Performs the action by (Mine schüfen, open treasure chest, etc.)
  • Do you find diamonds, it turned airplane mode off again and connects you to the Internet
  • Collect the diamonds
  • Gets to another farm, thus Hay Day stores

Should you in the action find no diamonds, it simply waits for the error message that appears after a certain time, as Hay Day can not connect to the Internet. Then you leave the game and closes it completely. When you disable Airplane mode now and return back to the game, you’ll still find the treasure chest or can dig in the mine. Repeat then the above steps until you get through the action diamonds.

Play faster in Boom Beach with these tips

boom beach tips and tricks

Following the success of Clash of Clans , Supercell pulled Boom Beach , a game very similar dynamic and is also being very well received by users of android devices .

If you already have this game or thought download, check out the following tips to move better and faster, without having to toil away money on gems.

Get free diamonds and gold with this awesome Boom Beach Hack Tool.

Tricks to fast forward with Boom Beach

The Boom Beach goal is to create the best possible military base, improving your buildings, defense and attack; and for this we need a number of resources such as gold, wood, stone and iron.

When we started playing, we have enough to improve and build whatever we want resources, but later the lack of these slow us down, so we recommend the following tips to avoid this problem:

The improvement order is important: Every time we improve the city hall, the first level up are the buildings that produce resources and store them so that other improvements are we easier.

Once we have improved sawmill, housing, quarry and iron ore mine, improve buildings that influence the attack: gunboat, radar, boats, armory; and all of our troops.

Level up the camera and behind it all defenses. We’ve left for last defensive buildings because, like it or not, almost always be a top-level player that we can win and is more useful to win yourself to others.

The most important building, the headquarters, we will post whenever we can to unlock new troops and defenses

Plan your attack: We already have good enough troops to raze a village. Now we have to organize ourselvescorrectly to win. Use the option to explore before attacking and prepares the troops that are most appropriate. Decide where you’re going to get and keep in mind the gunboat, we get rid of some defenses with artillery (we can make a rough estimate of how many shells need to see your life and our damage).

Organize your foundation correctly:  No doubt, there is no use having all buildings to the maximum if we leave the barracks on the shore. You can see models base on the Internet to take them as an example.

Do not be hurry:  Can we get enough free gems, but not spend on accelerating buildings or troops. Use them to get the resources you missing. You can speed up buildings if you run the risk of losing many materials.

You can download the game for free from Google Play in the following link:

I hope that these tips have been helpful. Do you have someone else you want to share? Leave your answers in the comments footer.

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Mobile Games: the council of the day – One Piece Treasure Cruise


The editors of Games.it recommends every day a game or a moving series to be installed on smartphones and tablets. The board of this day is dedicated to the lovers of the most famous anime and manga series of all time: we are talking about One Piece Treasure Cruise , security available for iOS and Android devices.

Features : One Piece Treasure Cruise is a free-to-play title that allows players to create and gather their pirate crew. Users task will also be to empower the members of his crew to face and defeat some of the most famous faces of the One Piece franchise. Each character will be equipped with special skills and abilities that can be used to form the right strategy to victory. Recommended for: One Piece Treasure Cruise is recommended for all lovers of the series One Piece that will enjoy the simple and immediate gameplay and the gratuity of the game. The title is a free download but inside there are plenty of in-app purchases. Downloadable for : One Piece Treasure Cruise for the glory can be downloaded for free for iOS devices from the App Store and downloaded free of charge also for Android devices from Google Play .

If you want to get free gems and gold, you can use our One piece treasure cruise cheats tool for free.

Three tips to advance faster in Clash of Clans

Three tips to advance faster in Clash of Clans

If there is a game that is sweeping the mobile platforms that is Clash of Clans and convinced his game has millions of players. If you’ve come this far it is safest already know the game but just in case I mention that it is a strategy game where you have to create a village, train your troops and battle with millions of online players.

There are hundreds of ways to reach the top in this game but perhaps these 3 tips will help you catapult your village to the top with an advantage over your opponents.


  • Get free gems . Things you need to buy gems and how to get them is simple, you can clear obstacles and complete achievements to get a bunch of them . You do not heat the head with tricks and hacksto get free gems why usually do not work and even if they worked, what has merit win with tricks? .
  • Save elixir when we are not connected . It is not possible to obtain large amounts of elixir easily but you can get an extra amount when you are offline and for this you just have to make sure, with full fields, fill your barracks with bombers. Now you only have to download the barracks and get all your elixir again.
  • Get Free elixir . This trick is complicated and only works when you have less than 30 seconds to complete a troop and update the entire army. When it is that time will have to update and make sure the army is complete. After the update you get a lot of completely free Elixir.

They may seem somewhat complex but surely proving get take out and have elixir and extra gems to move faster in the game and to face more powerful rivals. If instead you have a good army and want to go for gold here have a good guide to loot all the gold possible your opponents .

If by chance you get tired of this game you can always try one of the five that offer this week and will provide hours of fun without anything in return.

AGAR.IO Ball eater game devours time – worldwide

agario/ hitler

The free browser game “Agar.io” addictive: As colorful ball of the user flies through the world and must be as thick as possible as quickly as possible. The opponents do the same. The fight begins. And tens of thousands to do with.

I am a small blue beads, and the more other colorful beads I eat, the more I will. I’m fatter, or I share sometime.And if I myself should be eaten, then I’ll start all over again.

The multiplayer game “Agar.io” keeps users worldwide in breathing. It eats not only beads, but also time. Some, which are manifested in comment columns suffer: “And then another three hours of my life there.” Others love the game and celebrate the successful digital binges.

The game is similar to simply as “Tetris,” “Pac-Man”, “Bomberman” or the numbers game “2048” . Colorful beads waft in different sizes against a white background. Not more. Anyone who wants can make his ball itself, but this is voluntary.

Known models

Brand new, the idea is not: In the game “Osmos” of 2009, for example it also takes over the control of a cell that can be getting bigger and bigger by absorbing other smaller cells. Also the Playstation 3 title ” flOw ” follows a similar principle, although the creatures that devour each other, here are graphically much more sophisticated. What “Agar.io” but matters is the multiplayer aspect: Each ball that moves is controlled by another human.

I decide before the game for a region in which I want to compete against the opponent. USA, South America, Europe, Russia, Turkey and Asia are available. Then I float as mini ball by the “Agar.io” world. In order to grow, I must eat as many smaller balls. About the nicknames of the beads, awarded by the users themselves, created a curious eating-and-eaten-Will: In Europe game Hitler eats the CIA or a fat billiard ball on the moon. Or the network world, the earth. Again, the larger the smaller.Tens of thousands of people playing “Agar.io” currently at the same time.

Is reaches a certain size, I can share my ball on pressing the spacebar.Now, the two halved either protect one another, or there is only one eaten by two in an emergency – the game goes so on. After some time it brings back to a large ball.

At the edges of the green, spiky balls I can look at short protection – but that was about it for now with the details. The game is quickly understood and still has room for tactical approach. “Just one more time,” said one a hundred times.

If you want free coins and to know how to get grab masses faster including speed hack, you can check out agar.io hack .

FarmVille 2: Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android

Selecting Top 10 Tips for Farmville 2, the fashion game

Nobody escapes him at this point what is the purpose and mechanics of operation of such games. Farmville 2 is a great game in real time that allows you to create, manage and edit a complete farm as lively as real, straight from your iOS or Android device.

Starting from the (almost) nothing to be constructed and later kept a farm, your own farm.And like on a real farm, this process consumes resources, many resources . Yes some land here and there, that if a mill, a “cow” and other “animals” and all sorts of things that are usually found on a farm, saving the artistic and / or own any game gameplay licenses.

All this will need virtual money to buy things that allow us to produce and then sell and thus make more money for more shopping and more production and sales … And this until you drop, with an increasing volume but with time construction, production and others , dilated enough to invite spend real money to buy resources and advance the game much faster.

The idea of this article is to provide some simple tricks and tips for Farmville 2 , which will help you build and maintain your farm at an acceptable rate without spending real money.


FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android

1. Do not use the keys to finish tasks

The keys are especially difficult to achieve during the course of the game. Try to use them judiciously . Usual use them to accelerate or complete tasks, the game itself invites this with eye – catching posters, do not succumb to temptation and instead postponed the start of your long tasks before leaving the game and continue in your absence. While you’re actively with the game, rushing short tasks that you can attend.

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android...

2. Win a little more money selling your products on the stall

The first levels are achieved easily in the early stages of the game and serve to start learning how to play and accumulate the first property to start working. Among other things that are unlocked as the game progresses is the commissary, at level 7. Once successful can sell there your crops and your manufactured products (note: whenever you do not need to unlock more tasks or other tasks related to the dynamics of the game) and so will get some more profit than doing it in the Board Order.

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android.

3. Spin the roulette every day

Once again it is necessary to unlock this feature, also at level 7. Stay tuned and play roulette every single day, although sometimes not be getting almost nothing, since the prizes will grow as you play consecutively without missing a single day.

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android..

4. The first: The Barn. Use the keys for it.

Many are wondering that is so anxious to keep the keys to be getting over the course of the game. Well, this is the time. Spend the keys to extend the barn without any pain , you needed sooner rather than later when you realize that you can not store more crops as the default capacity does not reach beyond the level 7 without give space problems. Do not hesitate and wide, you ‘ll thank later.

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android.....

5. Take a walk through the farms of your friends to get coins and bonuses.

In FarmVille 2 you can, as in other games of this type, visit your friends ‘ farms and thus gain some more coins and even some key occasionally . Do it daily and scattered some fertilizer Friendship to collect the rewards.

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android.......

6. If after all you decide to spend real money, which is in braces.

If you feel comfortable without spending real money problems to advance faster, forward game, but gástatelo on keys, not coins. The coins are relatively easy to get, and everyday items are not expensive as to leave you shaking the box, however the keys are hard to get and are used for just about everything .

7. Connect with your Facebook account and get 25 keys.

The game will initially advised connect to Facebook, if you did not, you can do this from Settings. Depending on each, some will want this feature and others prefer not to be aware of visiting friends and receive requests from various aid, in any case, you can link your friends enough to collect 25 coins and then unlink over time .

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android.........

8. Ask your friends Seeds Fast

These seeds allow you to accelerate your growth enough crops, but they are a few good and depends 100% on your relationship with Facebook. If you have friends on Facebook playing this game, be sure to send seeds to receive them often .

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android...........

9. Visit and take advantage of Claro de La Abuela every 15 minutes

When you have unlocked the course Grandma you’ll find there every 15 minutes always find something useful , either because it is required to complete a task, either because itcosts a lot of coins. It will be enough to go to grow apace without spending keys.

FarmVille 2 Top 10 Tips and Tricks for iOS and Android.............

10. The old trick of changing the clock.

FarmVille 2 also succumbs to trick the clock forward. If any task you eat head by his insufferable delay, change the clock on your iOS or Android device slightly forward to satisfy your impatience.


Piano Tiles 2 – music to my ears

piano tiles 2

As a child I was once in the keyboard lessons. but I did not feel it. Today I am angry.Because it’s fun, the piano to elicit a few tunes. I play by ear and usually we also recognize the melody. With the game Piano Tiles 2 I do not need lessons to be a gifted pianist. I just need the smartphone app and nimble fingers.

Musically, it is going on with the game Piano Tiles 2. A brief overview will show you the rules, and are very easy: Just press on the black keys of the piano. Then you put up with your first title. Little Star, the disc turns. Clicking on the Play button. Various black tiles waiting to be tapped by you.

You start with your first title.

The black tiles fly from the top down on your screen. You have to tap to get points.

piano tiles 2d

At the bottom of the screen is the title of the song and the high score. Click on the start button, the tiles start from the top down on the screen to move. Slowly at first, then faster. The black tiles are not always superposed, but sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes centrally, sometimes directly above one another. Also, there are tiles, which you need to release quickly and tiles, which you antippst long. Your response must be fast.

With each level you unlock more song.

In the beginning you have a high energy storage. This can be renewed after this energy with earned coins or diamonds. Or are you waiting until the time is up and the app is charging the energy again.

By connecting with your Facebook account you get diamonds. Also you demand so other players out for a competition.

The more you catch the better your score. The higher the currently counted points, the faster come the black tiles to you. Tapping you again next is the round ends. The app keeps track of your points together. For a good result, you join Level on, get rewards and unlock new songs free. The higher your level, the more songs you unlock. Some can be unlocked with diamonds. A diamond you get by watching a promotional film. With a bad result, it is possible to repeat the song. You earn you points with the coins. These coins again you unlock more life / energy to play longer Piano Tiles. By connecting with your Facebook account you will receive as a reward 10 diamonds. If you have a song played through completely you get a bonus time for more points to collect.

piano tiles 2e

You get applause when you have a song played through completely.

piano tiles 2f

With time you’ll get better.

Piano Tiles 2 makes a lot of fun. As a nimble piano virtuoso flying your finger on the screen of your smartphone. From easy song like Jingle Bells up to Canon in D and more.Faster and faster you tap the keys to drive up your score. Piano Tiles 2 addictive.

Each level brings new rewards with them.

Some tiles have to be tapped long.

piano tiles 2g

Piano Tiles 2 cheats is available for free in the Play Store. The app displays advertising. Per In-App Purchase (from 0,99 €) you earn diamonds.

Owl held grenade: With “Far Cry Primal” in the Stone Age

far cry primal

There is hardly any historical epoch, the video games have not been explored. For “Far Cry Primal” Ubisoft has however largely found undiscovered territory: This time the Central Europe the Stone Age serves as a backdrop. Often the game’s predecessors is but too similar.

This begins with the story: protagonist Takkar is at the beginning of the game even with his family on the go. But then something goes terribly wrong, and suddenly the hunter is all on his own. Shortly afterwards, he encounters new allies, but in turn stay alive: The bloodthirsty Ull performs with a band of evil warriors a brutal war against the peaceful Wenja.Fortunately discovered Takkar that he has special abilities – and so has a fair chance to fight Ull.

Sounds familiar? No wonder: For similar set pieces, the plot of “Far Cry 3” and “Far Cry 4” assembled. And as the story is also the gameplay a collection of deja vu moments: Takkar collect plants and other raw materials in order to turn it into food and medicine. His human enemies he attacks most like to insidiously. And because native “Far Cry Primal” from Ubisoft, there is the way of course, much to collect.

By the unusual scenario, the game still feels but surprisingly to fresh. Pistols and rifles Takkar for example, has no – his arsenal consists mainly of clubs, spears and bows. Boring is not, mainly because Takkar may include a so-called Beastmaster on the support of different animals. Once tamed, he can rush as wolves, bears and leopards on the opponents. And for reconnaissance flights he takes even call upon the services of an owl.

However, at the same time the struggle against animals plays an important role, even more than its predecessors: from the dangerous cat to cute monkeys Takkar must kill many creatures during the game – some self-defense, others to tinker from their fur critical updates , Due to the realistic graphics and sound effects that acts pretty tasteless just for harmless herbivores. A game for animal lovers is “Far Cry Primal” therefore not Beastmaster or not.

Schön is against how serious the developers have taken their scenario in Montreal: Takkar and his companions talk as neither German nor English.Instead, sounds in the game a language called Proto-Indogermannisch – ie what was actually spoken, according to linguists in Central Europe years ago of 10 000. Subtitles there but of course.

Significantly more important than in other “Far Cry” games is in “Primal” the subject survival. Quite as mercilessly as in popular Survival titles like “DayZ” we are not talking about though. New ammunition can Takkar but buy or collect not just, for example, instead be tinkered. For a trip into the mountains Takkar needs thick winter to avoid freezing to death. And if he has no night torch while he is fast becoming the prey of ravenous beasts.

The technology ensures that there is always something to marvel: The forests, valleys, swamps and glaciers of the virtual Stone Age have spectacular, colorful panoramas, impressive are the animated faces of Takkars friends and enemies. Not quite as nice, however, are other animations: Just when multiple characters and animals in a medium-Camp and fight each other, quickly creates a somewhat unsightly graphic chaos.

Who the “Far Cry” series is not tired, will have a lot of fun with “Primal”. Even those who could do with the series so far nothing, can at least take a look: For the game, despite the known backbone enough fresh ideas. A multiplayer mode there is no time, except for their animal companions Takkar is confident lone. “Far Cry Primal” is freed from 16 years, will cost around 70 euros.

The Division: The most successful launch of a new gaming brand worldwide; 1.2 million players simultaneously active weekend

tom clancy's the division

Tom Clancy’s The Division has enjoyed the most successful launch of a new gaming brand worldwide and therefore the previous record holder Destiny dethroned. In the first five days after the launch, the online action game has converted about 330 million dollars – based on the data of GfK, Sony, Microsoft and internal estimates of Ubisoft; Period: March 8th to March 12, 2016. Destiny had implemented nearly 325 million dollars in the first five days. Ubisoft also revealed last weekend, the maximum value of simultaneous players in 1.2 million was (on all platforms) and more than 100 million hours were spent in the first week total in the game.

“That The Division takes over the top spot for the first week of sales of a new brand within the industry, is a huge success. We are very proud of our team and extremely grateful for all the feedback and support that we have received from millions of players” says Yves Guillemot, CEO and co-founder of Ubisoft. “The division is the latest example of our unparalleled ability to create exciting game worlds, which immerse players permanently and they share tirelessly with their friends and the community.”

“Apart from the record sales we recorded the highest player involvement of all time for a Ubisoft title, proving, among other things, that our investments in our online infrastructure and our online services pays off,” says Stephanie Perotti, VP of Online Services, Ubisoft. “We offer online gaming experiences that belong to the best that it has to offer the industry, and the claims of The Division and its players are fully in line in terms of quality and connectivity.”

A few days ago Ubisoft already announced that the company has in the first 24 hours sold more copies of The Division, as ever from another game in the history of the company. The digital sales on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One had broken the previous own records. This comes three of the four most successful sales launch of a new gaming brand of Ubisoft. The other three titles are Destiny (Activision Blizzard), watchdogs (Ubisoft) and Assassin’s Creed (Ubisoft). “The release of The Division is an enormous success for Ubisoft and proves our undisputed ability to create new fantastic games brands and transforming it into entertainment blockbuster,” said Yves Guillemot, co-founder and CEO of Ubisoft. “This is a memorable day for Ubisoft, but more importantly, that it means the prelude to the permanent commitment of millions of players in the game world of The Division. You will love them, we are convinced.”

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – how Batman could beat Superman?

In “Batman v Superman”, the Black Knight has one goal: kill the Kryptonian. But how can he do that?

batman v superman warner bros

It is the clash of the most popular superheroes of the world. Batman and Superman will fight a battle epic, waited though it has already been delivered in part in the comics screen. In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice , the Kryptonian and the Black Knight will battle for fight of the year.But if everything is enticing, it has the bonus of evil first to understand the interest of a fight between a true vigilante encased gadgets without super powers, and the invulnerable Man of Steel . Batman Will t- it can make Superman vulnerable enough to make it bleed, as he promises to do so in  one of the trailers of the film  ? Yet one can not imagine Bruce Wayne to storm without a card up his sleeve, or a strategy to win the fight , regardless of the terrain or the means to achieve it.Because victory can not be only physical.

Kryptonite, a classic

This is THE weakness of Superman, the only thing that can make it vulnerable to the point of kill.Kryptonite is this coming rock Krypton , the home planet of the superhero, and that annihilates its powers from the yellow sun of the Earth. But it is still necessary to have and it is very rare. If this is the safest option, it is complicated to set up . In different extracts brought online, it does not seem to be any Kryptonite in yet well-stocked arsenal of Batman.

Psychological warfare

To blow a lead placid Clark Kent and his alter-ego. If there is one thing that Batman opponents know is its ability to make crazy and instill in them a certain fear . Lurking in the night, under all the shots, using gadgets to divert and trap each other, it becomes a shadow and a ghost. The fear is there, present among opponents. But how do the same for Superman? The  latest clip  shows a Batman whose tricks do not impress passes Superman. This would require that the bat would harm around Clark Kent , but so would rock the wrong side of the barrier, the criminals. In  this ideological battle  he engaged in he will be able to protect millions of lives?

Destroying the public image of Superman

A hostile crowd, Superman entering a court as an accused.  The band-ads  show a superhero who has lost his aura and his godlike status among humans he saved when Man of Steel . This would be one of the strongest weapons to achieve Superman, the model citizen who wants to save the world and do not have bad press. Batman will have to deliver  a war of opinion , he is not sure of winning. But it seems he will have the unexpected help of awful Lex Luthor , who hates Superman. The enemy of my enemy is my friend (or ally). And if it was the key?

watch batman v superman full movie online

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